UPS & Power Distribution Site Survey

PowerIT offers complimentary site surveys nationwide, ranging from individual buildings to entire campus project environments.

We respond to all survey requests within 24 business hours. All UPS and PDU surveys are performed 24x7x365 free of charge upon request.

Your site assessment includes thorough documentation of each existing unit in your IDF closet. We review the following:

• Overall status
• Make, model and serial
• System age
• Battery condition
• Warranty status

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Site Assessment

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We proudly service and maintain critical equipment for all major brands:

Do I need my IDF closet surveyed?

Monitoring the state of your IDF closet is crucial to ensuring your facility is performing at optimal efficiency. Various factors such as battery condition and your Ethernet connection directly affect your company’s operations.

What can I expect from my site survey?

With each site survey, our certified technicians review every aspect of your UPS and IDF infrastructure. We inspect both the temperature and clearance around your racks, determine what power is available, and document the availability of unused rack units. We’ll also report the status of any uncovered obstacles or errors from most to least critical.

At the end of your full analysis, we will provide a PDF document with all collected information.

Optional preventive maintenance services may also be added to your site survey:

  • Battery and bypass testing
  • Corrective measures and troubleshooting
  • Vacuuming dust from UPS units
  • Battery and UPS removal from IDF’s (includes certificate of destruction)

How long does a site survey take?

Every facility is different, which is why we tailor our site surveys to each individual business. We begin with a phone consultation to find out more about your current equipment. After the initial call, we will arrange for our certified tech experts to visit your site location. The time required for the visit will depend on the size and complexity of your equipment.

To request a UPS survey, please submit the form above or call our specialists at 914.263.7351 to schedule a convenient date for your assessment.