As an organization grows, their technology requirements quickly follow. At a certain point, you’ll need more electrical outlets than you currently have.

Vertiv Managed PDU Rack

While power strips may be enough for home offices, they don’t exactly cut it when it comes commercial

What is a PDU?

A PDU reliably distributes power to multiple devices, while neither generating nor conditioning power. It delivers AC power from a utility power source, generator, or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to any type of equipment or hardware.

What does a PDU Do?

A PDU in its most basic form acts as a power strip, drawing power from a single source (such as a wall outlet) to power multiple devices. Generally, PDUs are designed for installation in equipment racks, which allows power for rack-mounted devices, including routers, servers, switches, and cooling fans.

Different Types of PDUs

While a basic PDU provides power to multiple devices from a single power source, advanced PDU models are capable of much more, including measuring power distribution and demand, enabling remote monitoring and control with software, and protecting against the harmful side effects of downtime.

Different Types of PDU Products

  1. A Basic PDU routes AC power from a single power source to multiple devices.
  2. To help users optimize load levels and prevent overloads, a Metered PDU distributes network-grade power and meters load in amps.
  3. Also distributing network-grade power, a Monitored PDU helps prevent downtime from overloads and other power anomalies with a digital meter display and remote monitoring capabilities through an SNMP network interface.
  4. A Switched PDU distributes network-grade power and helps prevent against downtime by allowing users to manage outlets individually or as a group. An SNMP connection enables remote control and monitoring; a digital meter provides load and voltage information, and supports local control.
  5. When replacing batteries, performing maintenance or installing a UPS, a Maintenance Bypass PDU ensures a seamless transfer of an electrical load from UPS power to utility power. This switch guarantees continuous operation of the connected equipment or device.

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