Your IT infrastructure affects operational efficiency, productivity, and even revenue, so ensuring it’s reliably set up is critical.

Failure of even a single component can wreak havoc on your operations. Read on for our top recommendations on how to make the most of your IT infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Design Best Practices

Our certified engineer specialists have a handful of tips for setting up a dependable system:

1. See the big picture.
Create an initial template to work from, so all your networks are designed the same way now and in the future.

2. Make a backup plan.
Configure your router to a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in addition to the server to ensure you always have access to backup information.

3. Maximize for scale.
Find out how many devices on the network will need IP addresses and multiply that number by 2 or 3 to plan for future growth. This way your subnetwork won’t run out of capacity as you add more devices to the network.

4. Protect your data.
In addition to having a NAT-enabled router, you’ll want to confirm your firewall is always up to date with the highest level of security.

5. Integrate where you can.
Consolidating lesser-used servers is a budget-friendly solution for anyone looking to eliminate costs.

Note: When building your infrastructure, it’s essential to consider the size of your company as well as your unique business needs. What works for one organization may not necessarily work for another.

The Danger of DIY

Though you can easily install a program in minutes, that doesn’t mean it will work correctly. If your system is already set up to operate differently, changing your infrastructure might not be a smooth transition. It’s unlikely that a member of your team will have sufficient knowledge to troubleshoot when things go haywire, so it’s best to leave things to a company that understands how everything works together to help you.

PowerIT’s certified engineer specialists will not only procure the right products but will set everything up and perform ongoing maintenance to ensure your operations are always functioning at peak efficiency. Contact us today to request a free consultation regarding your infrastructure setup.

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