When it comes to receiving the information you need to manage critical equipment for your IT systems, a small problem in your data center or facility can quickly escalate into a disaster.

Monitoring your power and cooling equipment is essential for ensuring your system is operating at peak efficiency.

Whether you have a single UPS or a complex infrastructure across a campus environment, at PowerIT, we offer a wide range of monitoring software and solutions for all your UPS and data center infrastructure equipment.

Flexible Monitoring Solutions for Data Centers

Most service providers rely on a traditional model for monitoring, beginning with an event such a battery failure, UPS bypass alarm or loss of communication alarm. When a manager contacts their service provider, it can be quite some time for the service provider to diagnose the issue and restore the equipment.

Today’s data centers require flexible solutions with the ability to gather operating information from each piece of equipment, and more importantly, to combine it in one easy-to-monitor, central location.

PowerIT’s Software Solutions and Monitoring Services

Whether it’s discrete monitoring, leak detection, single battery failure notification, or enterprise-wide monitoring, PowerIT offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions that are built to fit your business.

We help you ensure that your monitoring system is set up correctly, including:

  • Alarm-Event Management and Notification send the right notifications.
  • Email and SMS Notifications deliver the right information so the appropriate managers can respond quickly and effectively.
  • Accurately detect changes in your equipment’s performance with the information you need to prevent system down-time.

When you can quickly see any potential hazards, you proactively address them and prevent any potential capacity problems or system crashes.

Whether your operation is on a small or large scale, PowerIT will help integrate your power and cooling equipment into an easy-to-monitor dashboard management console, enabling your system administrator to manage and monitor everything at once.

We walk you through choosing the most appropriate management and monitoring solutions for your equipment.

As an option, we have the capability to monitor your UPS’s and PDU’s proactively for you. This provides your increased uptime and operational efficiency through continuous monitoring, expert analysis and a proactive response.

For more information, contact us online or call 914-263-7351 to speak with one of our certified engineers.

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