We’ve mentioned before that the most essential activity for increasing the reliability of your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units is through a full-service UPS preventive maintenance program.  

In addition to preventive maintenance, the other important aspect of ensuring UPS reliability and comprehensive power protection is remote monitoring.

Proactive and predictive remote battery monitoring has three critical roles:

  1. Recognize potential flaws early on in the battery, so maintenance or replacement can be completed safely and accurately.
  2. Signal to operators that battery capacity is sufficient enough to keep systems running for the necessary amount of time in the case of a power failure.
  3. Ensure the battery is maintained in an optimal environment to maximize performance and life.

At PowerIT, our expert support team provides you with a customized solution on the best way to monitor your power system locally, including:

  • Simple Network Management (SNMP) protocol adapters and software
  • Volt-free Contacts and SMS alerts
  • MODBUS/JBUS and CANBus protocols

Key Benefits of Full-Service UPS Battery Remote Monitoring

Having a proper system in place for monitoring and communications maintains the health of the UPS system while also managing the load that it protects.

You’ll avoid expensive downtime and protect your equipment against power anomalies, as well as:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring of your UPS systems, giving you complete peace of mind
  • 24/7 notifications enabling your service team to respond swiftly to potential issues
  • Optimize battery life by knowing when to replace batteries at the correct time
  • Reduce replacement costs with preventative maintenance
  • Gain remote access to battery information, including insight into specific individual batteries

Receive a Remote Monitoring Consultation from PowerIT

When it comes to implementation of general onsite or remote monitoring, there are a lot of different products at your disposal, and finding the best product to fit your needs can be overwhelming.

At PowerIT, we provide consultations with our support team to determine what your monitoring needs are and which proactive and predictive monitoring solution(s) will best fit those needs.

PowerIT’s battery management capability, reporting, and remote monitoring services deliver you reduced costs, peace of mind, and ensures you have the batteries and resources to keep your critical operations online. We’ll help you to determine the most advanced and cost-effective tool for monitoring and managing your UPS units and their batteries.

Contact a PowerIT representative or call 914.263.7351 to learn more about our remote monitoring solutions and services.

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