For many Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) owners, knowing the best maintenance practices to improve the life of the equipment is a typical concern. Like all other electronics, UPS batteries have a given life expectancy, and there is much more to UPS than just battery back-ups.

When it comes to managing your UPS and getting the most out of your equipment, there are a few preemptive measures you can control to extend both the battery and UPS life. At the most basic level, preventive maintenance includes checking for bad connections and routine cleaning.

In addition to helping you extend your equipment’s life, having a preventive maintenance program in place can also help prevent any unplanned outages or downtime.

Benefit #1: Reduced Risk of Downtime

The No. 1 benefit to regular preventive UPS maintenance is it decreases the potential risk of costly downtime.

By monitoring the ongoing health of your equipment and infrastructure, you ensure all electrical and mechanical components are performing at the level they need to be.

Through cleaning and testing inspections by expert technicians, any potential complications can be quickly identified and addressed before you have to deal with the massive headaches and expansive costs of downtime.

Benefit #2: Improved ROI on Your Equipment

While the clear-cut benefit is avoiding downtime, preventive maintenance also prolongs the operational life of your UPS, cooling and power equipment.

You can reduce strain on your equipment by monitoring the UPS environment, components and load to ensure you extend your equipment’s life for as long as possible.

When you are proactive with UPS maintenance, you increase the ROI of your UPS system investment while also making it significantly less likely that your system will fail.

Benefit #3: Increased Energy Efficiency

Inefficient cooling systems are one of the most significant factors of higher energy costs. Even something as small as a cooling fan wearing out is enough to reduce efficiency and increase utility costs for your entire system.

With preventive maintenance, you can improve your system’s cooling and ensure the equipment is running efficiently to reduce utility bills.

Benefit #4: Enhanced Performance

Regular maintenance and check-ups for your UPS system are essential for ensuring your equipment is always operating at peak performance.

If any part of your battery or cooling system isn’t operating at an optimal level, usually from either wear or age, it will put stress on the rest of the system, decreasing performance and shortening the life of your equipment.

A preventive maintenance strategy is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to ensure the lasting health of your critical equipment.

At PowerIT, we offer support and preventive maintenance programs, so you can rest assured knowing your system is operating as efficiently as possible. For more information about our UPS preventive maintenance programs, please call us at 914-263-7351 or contact us online.

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