To ensure the reliability of your Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS), along with your peace of mind, it’s important that you periodically test your UPS batteries and replace them when needed.

Almost daily, our field engineers encounter batteries that haven’t received the proper maintenance, that could potentially cause a critical load loss and become costly in the event of a power anomaly or outage.

UPS batteries that aren’t properly maintained are subject to:

  • Premature Failure
  • Reduced Up-Time
  • Potential Safety Hazard

Lack of maintenance is one of the largest leading contributors to battery failure. Just one bad battery can affect the entire cabinet.

Routine maintenance programs:

  • Increase Up-Time
  • Extend Battery Life
  • Identify Deteriorating Batteries

UPS Maintenance Services

UPS battery maintenance and replacement

PowerIT ensures your peace of mind by enhancing the reliability of your back-up power systems with routine battery preventive maintenance services.

No matter the brand of your equipment (Vertiv, Liebert, APC, Eaton, MGE, Toshiba and more), you will experience fewer problems and guarantee your UPS systems have full battery life.

The main benefit of regular maintenance is the removal of potential points of failure and the ability to accurately estimate when battery replacement will be required. Whether you need maintenance for just one or two batteries, or throughout a whole campus environment, PowerIT takes the difficulty out of proper UPS battery maintenance.

We also are capable of providing a system audit of all your UPS systems and batteries to determine which units need battery replacements or unit replacements. This takes all the guesswork out of trying to determine if you need to replace your battery or the unit itself.

UPS Battery Removal and Replacement

In addition to battery preventive maintenance services, PowerIT provides complete battery replacement services, including removal and disposal. We support most brands of UPS batteries, making our replacement service a quick, seamless and hassle-free process.

Once PowerIT removes a battery, we transport it to a recycling facility, where the components are neutralized and disposed of safely. This ensures your compliance with state and federal laws regarding proper battery disposal, and eliminates the safety hazard of batteries piling up in a data room or IDF closet.

For UPS battery removal and replacement, we offer:

  • Certified installation, startup, test and tag of your systems
  • Delivery coordination with your staff and your building
  • Safe transportation by our team of professionals
  • Same Day Delivery, Installation and Removal
  • 24x7x365 Emergency Delivery or Replacement
  • Ongoing battery maintenance services
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty on Batteries (In a lot of cases, we’re able to put a warranty on the UPS unit as well)

We’ll make sure that your critical loads are supplied and protected with clean, reliable energy at all times, no matter what.

Power Solutions Professionals

At PowerIT, we have been providing, servicing and maintaining the UPS systems of businesses and municipalities throughout the United States. Our team is ready to assess your needs and provide the backup power you rely on to ensure you remain online in the event of an electrical malfunction.

Contact us online or call 914-263-7351 today to speak with one of our power representatives.

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