When you cannot afford to have critical equipment to be without power, especially for maintenance, a wrap-around maintenance bypass with output distribution ensures continuous uptime for servicing.

MicroPOD bypass configuration

Any amount of downtime can be a major problem for your organization, which may result in significant lost revenue and decreased productivity, as well as potentially damaging key customer relationships. According to an Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research study, the results showed just how costly downtime could be:

  • 98% of enterprises with system networks reported 1 hour of downtime costs over $100,000
  • 81% of respondents indicated that 1 hour of downtime costs their business over $300,000
  • 33% of those enterprises reported that 1 hour of downtime costs $1-5 million

You should have a system in place that can eliminate downtime while allowing for regular UPS maintenance, which is proven to extend the life expectancy of your UPS systems and batteries.

Wrap-Around Maintenance Bypass Systems with Output Distribution

The most common method for ensuring your equipment remains functional is by using a bypass switch. It allows for you to remove the UPS without having to power down connected equipment.

Maintenance bypass and power output distribution switches enable you to manually switch connected equipment to utility power, allowing for scheduled UPS maintenance, repair or replacement.

APC MicroPOD specs






Key Benefits:

Increased Availability

  • Ensures scheduled UPS maintenance to allow for continuous uptime without having to shut down protected equipment.
  • Supplies utility power to desired equipment when switched to maintenance bypass mode.
  • Offers a system for ensuring uptime at an extremely affordable price.

Increased Flexibility

  • Makes it easy to install replacement UPS equipment by connecting both the UPS and utility power to the bypass switch with the supplied cords.
  • Simplifies operations with rotary switch indicators.
  • Allows for compatibility with any brand of UPS system.

Maintenance bypass switches are also available in plug-and-play or hardwired options, and each unit includes brackets for rack mounting in any direction.

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