Despite networks evolving and developing, it’s critical that companies monitor their networks to remain productive and avoid costly pains in network failure and downtime.

Why Monitoring Your Network Infrastructure Is Important

In a 2016 study, Ponemon reported the average cost of an unplanned outage is $9,000 per minute. A disruption or downtime can also damage critical equipment, data, productivity, and even your reputation.

So how can you prevent the risks of network downtime? The first step is by preparing a preemptive strategy for network monitoring.

Network monitoring assists you in preventing potential pitfalls or quickly identifying the specific areas in which your network is experiencing difficulties.

Benefits of monitoring your network include:

  • Diagnose and report on (potential) issues
  • Optimize network performance
  • Optimize network availability
  • Eliminate the need for manual monitoring
  • Deter potential hazards proactively  
  • Collect data and trends on performance and availability
Liebert Nform Software Offers Efficient Monitoring Capabilities

Liebert Nform Software Offers Efficient Monitoring Capabilities

As a network communications system, Liebert Nform assists you in monitoring the capabilities of your network-connected equipment.

This solution merges full-scale monitoring and cost-effective deployment through your existing network infrastructure, making it both scalable and adaptable as your systems expand and network needs change.

Nform software gives you the flexibility to forward specific alarms to network managers or discover new devices across multiple networks. It also eliminates the requirement for costly third-party monitoring applications.

Nform gives you real-time visibility and control through:

  • Automated Shutdown that protects systems from damage and data loss caused by power failure or high-density heat conditions.
  • Email and SMS Notifications that deliver the right information so IT managers can respond in time and track the appropriate changes. 
  • Run External Commands that allow you to ping your devices on the edge of the network, such as routers and switches. 

PowerIT Can Help

Whether it’s discrete monitoring, leak detection, single-battery failure notification, or enterprise-wide monitoring, PowerIT offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions that are built to fit your business.

Whether your operation is on a small or large scale, PowerIT will walk you through choosing the most appropriate management and monitoring solutions for your equipment.

As an option, we have the capability to monitor your UPS’s and PDU’s proactively for you. This provides your increased uptime and operational efficiency through continuous monitoring, expert analysis, and a proactive response.

For more information, contact us online or call 914-263-7351 to speak with one of our certified engineers.

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