The Liebert® APS™

Best Suited For: Banking, Financial and Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Retail and Wholesale, Transportation

The Liebert® APS™ is a modular, single phase output UPS, with both single and three phase input options to provide both high availability and flexibility. The Liebert APS adapts efficiently and effectively to both immediate and evolving power requirements, offering capacity on demand with flexible power modules which allow capacity upgrades in 5 kVA/4.5kW increments up to 20 kVA.


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  • True on-line double conversion
  • UPS Hot-swappable power and battery modules
  • High power factor 5 kVA / 4.5 kW power modules
  • Site configurable as single phase or three phase input
  • Scalable up to 20 kVA plus 10 kVA of redundancy
  • Fully rated @ 40°C Stand alone or rack mountable Intelligent battery modules with automatic offline capability for anomalous events
  • Double conversion efficiency: > 92%
  • Optional 10 A charger module
  • Terminal block or optional distribution module output socket
  • 5 kVA/4.5 kW power modules deliver enhanced active power
  • Class-leading double conversion efficiency: 92%
  • Scalable, pay as your grow architecture optimizes initial investment
  • Iintegral battery monitoring and temperature compensated charging for extended battery life and fewer replacements
  • Redundant design allows the critical load to run on conditioned power in the unlikely event of component failure.
  • Hot-swappable power, control and battery modules allow replacement to be carried out without distrubing the load.
  • Intelligent Battery System provides continuous battery monitoring and protection
  • Offers LIFE™ Services, real-time remote diagnostics for proactive maintenance, decreasing the average Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Upgradeable, even while operating in double conversion mode
  • Configurable input: one or three phase
  • Designed for standalone or rack mount installation
  • Multiple Power Output Distribution (POD) boxes allows for specific application connections

Prices start at $9999

Each APS is custom built to your specifications.

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