The Liebert® EXM™ UPS

10-250 kVA/kW
Efficient, Scalable, Intelligent Power Optimized for Midsize IT

Best Suited For: Banking, Financial and Insurance Data Center/Colocation/Hosting Education Government Healthcare Retail and Wholesale

The Liebert® The Vertiv Liebert EXM™ UPS provides efficient and economical operation with a flexible power system offering scalable and redundant features optimized for midsize IT and critical power applications. is a modular, single phase output UPS, with both single and three phase input options to provide both high availability and flexibility.

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty Against Defects in Material and Workmanship

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  • Unity Power Factor ensures more power is provided in a smaller footprint, thus increasing system capacity while minimizing cabling and installation costs.
  • Industry leading efficiency rating: 97% for double conversion mode, and 99% for eco mode.
  • Optimized ancillaries provide small footprints for better use of space and lower installation costs.
  • Lithium-ion battery compatible (480V models)
  • Comprehensive, easy to use touchscreen control panel.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified.
  • UL924 listed for Emergency Lighting.
  • Native 208V or 480V
  • Integrated Albér battery monitoring option can prevent pending battery issues, the most common cause of UPS failures.
  • Configure to Delivery option in 4 Days (10-40kVA USA)
  • Efficiency Winning operating efficiencies that remain high across multiple load scenarios.
  • Transformer-free design saves space, capital, weight and shipping costs.
  • Optimized ancillaries provide small footprints for better use of space and lower installation costs.
  • Matching battery cabinets to meet extended runtime.
  • Bypass Cabinet option allows maintenance without shutting down the critical load.
  • Distribution Panel Board option to add more circuits
  • UPSs can be paralleled to obtain more capacity or add system level redundancy.
  • DCIM and BMS ready.
  • Meet rapid deployment schedules

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