As technology advances, the lifespan of technological equipment decreases, so it’s essential to have a strong IT asset disposition (ITAD) management plan in place.

Every piece of technology contains sensitive data, and even broken equipment can have information retrieved. An IT asset disposition protects your customers from falling victim to data breaches and your organization from both a damaged reputation and data privacy non-compliance fines.

ITAD Options

There are a few different ways to handle retired electronic assets. Deciding which solution is right for you depends on your company’s goals and the condition of your equipment:


Data leaks not only result in hefty fines but can destroy your company’s reputation and result in a loss of trust that will be tough, if not impossible, to gain back. Total destruction of retired equipment is the most effective way to protect you and your clients from security breaches.


While recycling is the most eco-friendly option, keep in mind that even when a piece of technology has reached the end of its life, all acquired data remains and is still possible to extract. To prevent data theft, make sure the equipment is wiped clean before you recycle.


If your IT equipment is still in relatively good condition, fixing it up for further use is a possibility. While not ideal, refurbishing is a cost-effective option for companies that don’t have the budget to replace out-of-date assets.


There’s a large market for secondhand purchasing of IT equipment, as many businesses can’t afford entirely new equipment. Even if your company no longer receives value from a piece of equipment, whether your needs have grown or the functionality has decreased, that doesn’t mean it won’t be of value to someone else. Reselling old assets is a great way to increase your ROI.

Choosing Your ITAD Provider

It’s important to work with a responsible IT asset disposition provider, as your company can be fined for improper disposal even if you’ve outsourced the task. PowerIT is NAID-certified and always ensures your asset disposition complies with HIPAA, EPA, and state laws and regulations.

We offer on-site destruction so you can witness the proper disposal of your retired assets, and provide you with an official Certificate of Destruction once our services are complete.

PowerIT will dispose of any power-related equipment safely and securely. If your electronic assets are nearing the end of their life cycle, contact us today.

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