Even the slightest data breach is something that no company – no matter how large or small – can afford. Failure to destroy data properly leads to disastrous consequences ranging from breaches of your sensitive data and privacy policies, compliance problems and added costs.

 Data Destruction Methods

That’s why the proper destruction of your data is vitally important and almost always required when you retire your electronic equipment and IT assets. 

Having a well-built data security policy in place with a certified data destruction partner ensures your data remains protected and helps to build accountability and proper destruction best practices.

When it comes to selecting the best method for destroying your company’s data, you have a few options at your disposal (pun intended). Whether you are a large data center or small business, read on to learn which destruction practice might be best. At PowerIT, we are also able to help you determine the best data destruction disposal options for you.

Option 1: Hard Drive Shredding and Mass Destruction

As the most secure way for data destruction, hard drive shredding is the best option for disposing of all magnetic and solid-slate drives. Because of how fast, efficient, and secure the process is, this service is best for larger data centers, enterprise businesses, or anyone with a backlog of old hard drives.

Option 2: Hard Drive Erasure

If you are in need of a way to securely erase all your electronic data but still keep the physical hard drive, then drive erasure may be your best option. While not as secure as hard drive shredding, this type of destruction is great for companies that have leased equipment or hard drives for reuse or redeployment.

Option 3: Hard Drive Degaussing

Degaussing your hard drives is more of a solution for small quantities of hard drives that need data removal. It works by exposing equipment to a strong magnetic field for the removal of data from the device. This method of destruction works well for businesses that are looking for a budget-friendly but still secure way to destroy old equipment.

PowerIT Can Help You Protect Your Data

Given the extreme importance of data security in today’s climate, a secure and effective data destruction strategy helps to maximize security and minimize major risks to your business.

The best way to guarantee this is with a certified, accountable process that abides by proper policies and procedures. While degaussing and erasure may be cheaper, both methods are significantly less secure. The only way to ensure that your data is destroyed is to shred the hard drive physically.

At PowerIT, we make data destruction and hard drive shredding simple and convenient, helping you to remain compliant with data privacy laws. Our destruction services create an unbroken chain-of-custody that you guarantee compliance with verifiable proof of secure data destruction. We’re also happy to help you determine which service best fits your needs:

  • Secure Chain-of-Command
  • Client-Witnessed Onsite Shredding
  • Eco-friendly Disposal Options
  • Certificate of Destruction After Service

Our experts are ready to help you assess your data destruction needs and which service can help you protect your data. Contact a PowerIT representative or call 914.263.7351 to learn more about our data destruction services.

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