Healthy, high-functioning batteries are integral to your UPS system’s performance.

The average lifespan of a UPS battery is three to five years, but your battery’s life expectancy will decrease without proper care and maintenance. Make the most of your investment by understanding and anticipating various factors that affect your battery’s lifespan.


Moisture and poor ventilation are detrimental to your UPS battery’s health, so placement is key. The climate of your environment is particularly important as temperatures above 77° F/25° C will decrease the battery’s lifespan. Set your UPS in a dry, temp-controlled room with few or no windows.

Cold temperatures may also cause battery damage, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s temperature guidelines carefully. It is also vital to ensure that nothing covers the unit’s ventilation openings, located on the front, back, and sides of the UPS.


If you connect too many loads for the size of your UPS system, battery life expectancy decreases. Ensure you’re not overloading your unit by using a Load and Runtime calculator. In general, the fewer loads you connect to your UPS, the better.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the cycle frequency, as every power failure decreases the battery’s lifespan. While you cannot change the cycle frequency, monitoring it will help you predict if you’ll need a battery replacement sooner than anticipated, so you’re prepared no matter the situation.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Accumulated dust can heat up the unit’s temperature and impair the performance levels of your UPS, so you’ll want to clean and dust the system often. Perform regular maintenance checks to ensure everything is working as it should be. Periodic battery inspections will help you correct issues such as leakage and corrosion buildup before they have a chance to impact your system operations.

Properly maintaining your UPS batteries to meet their peak life expectancy is a great way to minimize your budget, but once the lifecycle is met, it’s essential to replace your batteries right away. Without properly-functioning batteries, your UPS is susceptible to failure. PowerIT provides 24×7 emergency battery replacement to ensure your operations run smoothly at all times.

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