Ensuring critical operations remain online takes a lot of work.

In IT, you have a million important items to see to every day and never enough time to do so. The time-consuming task of maintaining your UPS fleet doesn’t have to be an added worry to your already hectic workload. By delegating this responsibility to a full-service provider, you can rest assured you’re being protected 24×7.

Full-service UPS solutions save you time from having to keep up with the small technicalities of your UPS systems and infrastructure so you can stay focused on core responsibilities:


Backup power technicians are knowledgeable on all the various brands and products available. With their guidance, you can find a system that’s perfect for your specific needs. There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a UPS: size, type, power rating, runtime, load size, and many more key features. Choosing the wrong UPS for your operating equipment puts your business at risk for premature equipment failure.

Installation, Removal & Disposal

Same-day delivery and installation make the process of receiving your UPS smooth and uncomplicated. Your full-service providers will safely transport your new equipment to your facility, planning the entire delivery with your staff and building to ensure a seamless transition. Following installation, UPS professionals will perform startup and testing along with tagging your systems to ensure everything is working properly.

A UPS unit can last a very long time with the proper care, but a need for replacement is inevitable. When that day comes, trust full-service solution UPS technicians to properly dispose of your equipment and batteries to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Your IT team may be able to set up a new UPS system, but do they really have time afterward to worry about upkeep in addition to all their other tasks? For equipment that provides such a vital function, your business can’t afford to assume your UPS system is always operating at peak efficiency; you need to know.

With remote monitoring for leaks, heating and cooling malfunctions, and more, UPS experts are able to detect any issues early so that fires are put out before they even start. In addition to remote monitoring, regular preventative maintenance inspections are scheduled to keep your equipment at optimal health. These inspections include monitoring both the UPS system and batteries to ensure your power backup system works when you need it most.

24x7x365 Emergency Assistance

System failures don’t halt just because it’s 4 a.m. or a holiday, and neither do full-service UPS technicians. No matter how inconvenient the timing, sudden equipment failures require immediate attention. When you choose full-service UPS solutions, you’re guaranteed emergency assistance from industry experts at all times.

Rely On PowerIT’s UPS Experts

At PowerIT, we cover the nation with highly skilled, manufacturer-trained backup power and UPS expert technicians. Our emergency services are available 24x7x365.

If you’re searching for a full-service UPS solution, ongoing preventative maintenance and emergency service contract, or just looking for some UPS advice, we’re here to help. To learn more about our full cycle of service for UPS, please reach out to us online or at 914.263.7351 today.

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